Don’t be afraid! Come closer…and witness this all-female roller coaster: these Sideshow Dolls will give you the ride of your life! Princess Tweedle Needle (NL), Jenn O. Cide (USA), Simi the Strange (AUS), Zora van der Blast (PL), and Fibi Eyewalker (USA) are combining their devilish delights and working on a BRAND NEW SHOW!!

After their successful 2015 European and 2016 American tours, they are now ready to cross the Atlantic Ocean to spread their Madness, Mayhem, and Devilish Delights in Europe!

Sword Swallowing! Fire Eating! Human Pincushion! Beds of Nails! Contortion! and many other rare stunts! These are just a few acts in this twisted comedy show: it’s a collection of the most diverse and demented women in the world, combining classic fakirism, comedy, modern sideshow, and burlesque.

All the acts they do are real: this is NOT a magic show! They will entice you with their beauty, shock you with their stunts, make you cry from laughter, and…they LOVE to bleed, just for you!

Princess Tweedle Needle is A fearless and ferocious femme fatale! Tweedle combines traditional fakir stunts with outrageous and often bloody sideshow acts. She’s charming, comical, and completely fearless. Tweedle lifts strange items with stranger body parts, wielding machetes and needles with frightening skill. This sideshow Princess travels worldwide with her solo show La Macheta, with the Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow, and with many other companies and collaborations such as the World Sideshow Festival in Australia and the Sadistic Circus in Japan

Jenn O. Cide breathes fire, tells bad jokes, and eats broken glass, sometimes all at once. She’s worked for everyone, from Sesame Street to America’s Most Wanted to Mötley Crüe. If it’s shocking, if it’s compelling, if it’s ENTERTAINING: Jenn O. Cide is all in. She is a comedic genius and ringmaster to the circus of the absurd. Jenn is a professional weirdo, traveling internationally with different troupes, taking the weirdness worldwide!

​Fibi Eyewalker started as a flying trapeze artist under the big top and then ran away FROM the circus to join the Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow. Join this dragon-tongued diva, this mistress of manifestation, this salacious superhero, this intergalactic sword swallower as she brings her visions of space and the outer dimensions into your world. Fibi is covered in eyeballs, a true fire-eating queen: trust us…some things you don’t WANT to unsee! 

Simi the Strange joins the Demented Dolls all the way from Down Under! She is strange, she is beautiful, and her strength is incomprehensible! Not only can she tear apart everything in sight, but she has hair made of steel and lifts the strangest objects, twirling them around her head! Simi can escape anything except her stellar reputation, having featured in the League of Sideshow Superstars, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, and the World Sideshow Festival. 

​Zora van der Blast is a Polish aerialist, contortionist, and bonafide heart breaker, with the strongest ass in the universe (no, really)! She comes from a long line of experimental theatrical performers, doing movies, performance art, acting, and circus. Zora holds an enormous passion for latex, sarcasm, and adventure, showcasing her glorious nomadic talents in the National Theater of Poland and circus festivals worldwide. 

The show is 1.5 hours and will be done in two blocks of 45 minutes.